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Simplify and Control Your Process and Data.


Easy to Learn and Use
Minimized User Training and Support
Streamlined Daily Processes
Optimization and Continuity
Flexible Integration
Consistency and Information Sharing
Layered Access Security
Sensitive Information Protection
Scalable and Adaptable
Continued Improvement


Design - for a custom fit
Implementation - for a compatible install
Migration -for an accurate start
Training - for an easy transition
Support - for dependable use
Consulting - for continual improvement


The key to our success is our commitment to dependable service and respectful relationship. Our ability to communicate effectively with your Management, Staff and IT Department will deliver a highly effective and reliable solution.





CIMASOFT provides options and benefits for a quick return on investment



DFS - Department File Management System

ILS - Identification and Licensing System

SAM - Session Attendance Management
CAM - Cloud Application Management
STS - Slot Tracking System

SWS - Simple WebSite

PMC - Property Management Center