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All parts work together to successfully deliver your solution

Your Solution

Your CIMASOFT solution will use a combination of Cloud, Local Client Server and Offline to fit specific customer infrastructure, processes and procedures. Modern technology offers many options, each has limitations. The best solutions use an evolving combination of technologies. We plan ahead to be sure all related areas work together to insure your continual success.

Your solution will deliver high priority requirements and allow for easy future additions and enhancements. The CIMASOFT modular approach and functional options will give you one integrated solution rather than multiple separate systems. Each module has options to fit your specific process for a complete custom fit solution. This approach results in the right solution, implemented the right way.


Mobile access is an important feature of modern solutions. CIMASOFT provides state of the art technology including mobile access and support of many devices. We help you determine and implement the best technology for your specific needs. We work directly with your IT department to insure compatibility and security.


CIMASOFT solutions integrate and streamline your processes for an efficient paperless solution. Your solution will securely store your data onsite with multiple software modules accessing shared data on many devices. Customize and scale your solution to meet current and future needs.




CIMASOFT provides Simple Control with Reliable Hardware, Modern Software and Expert Service

1. Modular Solutions providing a Streamlined Custom Fit
2. Standard (Microsoft) Technology providing Stable and Scalable Performance
3. Accessible, Knowledgeable and Friendly Support Team providing Dependable Support



DFS - Department File Management System

ILS - Identification and Licensing System

SAM - Session Attendance Management
CAM - Cloud Application Management
STS - Slot Tracking System

SWS - Simple WebSite

PMC - Property Management Center