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Administration Solutions will help you streamline your daily processes and protect your sensitive data.


Successful process automation will streamline daily operations, control exceptions and protect sensitive data. The result will bring clarity to what is complex and build confidence in the automated process. This will greatly increase organizational efficiencies and encourage creative thinking at all levels of operation.

Driven by an appreciation of the user experience, we provide process automation software for organizations of all sizes. Our technical expertise, eye for visual design and project management philosophies deliver success. Our experience with large and small organizations insures a real-world return on investment.


Automating processes that are completely or partially manual will increase production and allow individuals to reduce errors and improve efficiency. Automation can significantly shorten the processing time of activities such as invoice processing, order processing and change processing.


There is a high organizational cost associated with fixing a self-inflicted error. Manual processes are prone to error. Automating these processes will reduce the number of errors and significantly reduce the number of hours required to fix them.


Consistency comes from having an established procedure and ensuring this procedure is followed every time. Consistency also applies to exceptions and changes which are many times more complex than the standard operating procedures. Automation must allow for and optimize the processes related to exceptions and changes.



DFS - Department File Management System

ILS - Identification and Licensing System

SAM - Session Attendance Management
CAM - Cloud Application Management
STS - Slot Tracking System

SWS - Simple WebSite

PMC - Property Management Center