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Gaming Regulatory and Operations Simple Control

Gaming, Hospitality Solutions will help you monitor gaming activities to ensure compliance with tribal law/regulations.

Manage and follow licensing procedures for all employees and vendors of gaming operations.

Review a person's prior activities, criminal record, if any, and reputation, habits and associations to make a finding concerning the eligibility of a key employee or primary management official for employment in a gaming operation.

Conduct background investigations on primary management officials and key employees.
Issue, suspend, revoke, and renew licenses of primary management officials and key employees upon completion of background investigations.

Forward completed employment applications and investigative reports on each background investigation for primary management officials and key employees to the NIGC.

Notify NIGC on a primary management official or a key employee, the tribe does not license.

Investigate possible violations and take appropriate enforcement action with respect to the Gaming, Hospitality ordinances and regulations.

Establish standards for and issue licenses or permits to vendors who deal with the gaming operation.

Retain applications and reports of background investigations of primary management officials and key employees upon termination of employment.

Maintain records on licensees and on persons denied licenses including persons otherwise prohibited from engaging in gaming activities within the tribe's jurisdiction.

Track rules of various games, and inspect games, tables, equipment, machines, cards, dice, and chips or tokens used in the gaming operation.

Facilitate the inventory and controlled testing of gaming machines for compliance of established standards/criteria.

Resolve patron disputes, employee grievances, and other problems, pursuant to the Gaming, Hospitality ordinance.

Monitor and share Banned Patron information with gaming operations.


DFS - Department File Management System

ILS - Identification and Licensing System

SAM - Session Attendance Management
CAM - Cloud Application Management
STS - Slot Tracking System

SWS - Simple WebSite

PMC - Property Management Center